Model-Driven Enterprise and Software Architecture

Tool Support for MAp

Tool support for MAp ranges from Visio templates, plug-ins for popular modeling tools such as Rational Software Architect, custom MAp modeling tools, and complementary technologies that help you best leverage your MAp models.

MAp for Rational Software Architect / Modeler Plug-In

This plug-in extends Rational Software Architect or Rational Software Modeler with support for some key features of MAp. See Installation Instructions to get started (Flash required) and contact us for more information.

Visio Templates

Contact us for Visio templates that extend the standard UML templates with key elements of MAp.

Goal Model Dashboards

Goal models can serve as much more than simply passive requirements descriptions for a software development activity. With the right tooling support, your Goal Model can be plugged into a Goals Dashboard, complete with live connections to your business, allowing you to monitor how effectively goals are being met, and even how valid your assumptions about the business domain remain over time. Contact us for more information.